Learner Theme

The process of Learning is important to me.

The process of Learning is important to me.

Strengthsfinder Learner, Take the time to cultivate your own strengths and you will find greater satisfaction in life as you strive toward your full potential. Identify the strengths of others to be a better manager, coworker, lover, parent, or friend. This is the basic premise behind the StrengthsFinder book and software series developed from years of Gallup Poll research.


Do You Have Strengthsfinder Learner Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Learner theme if…

  • You love learning as much as you can.
  • You are energized by gathering facts to form the complete picture of understanding.
  • You enjoy discussions with others that allow you to rehearse what you’ve learned.
  • You seek learning experiences, whether it be a new instrument, dance lessons or grad study.
  • You thrive in dynamic work environments where you are asked to work on short projects.
  • You can learn very quickly and become a master in a short time, moving onto the next thing.
  • You are more interested in the process of learning, not so much with being “an expert.”


You are always learning, you grasp concepts quickly, you possess many interests and you find life intriguing – which is you at your best. Possible pitfalls of this theme may include giving off the vibe of being a know-it-all, lacking a focus on results, learning more than you can put to good use, and being overtly “bookish.”

Strengthsfinder Learner Talent Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Learner theme possible, you should…

  1. Seek roles that require technical competence.
  2. Excel in roles where you are paid to learn new languages or competencies quickly.
  3. Refine how you learn, whether it’s through teaching, quiet reflection, or discussing.
  4. Find ways to track your progress by creating goals for your learning.
  5. Seek adult learning experiences in your community and sign up for new courses each year.
  6. Help calm the fears of others by engaging others and letting them know that change is good.
  7. Share your knowledge with people of similar ilk who won’t criticize you for being bookish or boring.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Learner Talent Theme Worker

Position Strengthsfinder Learner themes in roles that are ever-changing, which will offer the challenge of maintaining competency. Look for ways to motivate this worker with new facts, skills, knowledge, experiences, or environments. Help Learner themes track their progress by setting and celebrating milestones. Encourage these workers to become “masters” of their trade or “experts” in their field to focus them. Partner Learner themes with your resident masters to facilitate greater learning. Ask these workers to conduct internal discussion groups and make presentations.


For more information about Strengthsfinder Learner, visit Learner Talent themes now.