Discipline Theme

My routine leads me towards my success.

My routine leads me towards my success.

Strengthsfinder Discipline is my number 34 strength as measured by Strengthsfinder. So what does that mean exactly? Well in my case I do not like sameness or the same routine from day to day. Strengthsfinder Discipline is everything I am not. People with Discipline love routine. They love to know what to expect and actually get energy from that knowing. If you find yourself getting energy by getting up every day at a certain time and going through the same routine in order to get started it is quite possible you have Discipline in your top 5 Strengths. Developing Strengthsfinder Discipline in your daily life will really help you understand yourself better. It will also give you answers to why certain things bug you and not other people. Things that give you energy might bore other people to tears but that is their problem and not yours. That is another reason it is important to know what your own top 5 Strengthsfinder themes are.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Discipline Talent?

You may have Strengthsfinder Discipline if any of the following sound like you.

• You need a world that is ordered, planned, structured, and ultimately predictable.
• You set up routines for everything you do and need timelines and deadlines to achieve.
• You have no trouble breaking larger projects into series of manageable short-term steps.
• You demand precision and the feeling that you are in control, no matter how messy life gets.
• You dislike surprises and find yourself impatient with errors.
• Despite this, you understand not everyone operates the way you do.
• You are reliable and able to maintain your progress and productivity amid distractions.

At your best, you are highly productive, accurate, efficient, and an excellent planner. Conversely, you can be a little rigid, overbearing, mechanized, and unable to cope with change.


Strengthsfinder Discipline Actions

To develop your Strengthsfinder Discipline talent into a Strength you should try
working on the following suggestions.

1. Seek out roles where structure exists.
2. Go with your impulse to fact-check and double-check to ensure things are 100 percent right.
3. Adhere to a time management system, which will help you get more work accomplished.
4. Develop systematic routines that can offer others predictable results, which they will appreciate.
5. Understand that others may use clumsier methods, so try to assess their results instead of their processes.
6. Explain your perfectionism to others and help them add more order and efficiency to their lives.
7. Understand that you will always suffer a little annoyance over minor errors in your quest for precision.

Managing the Strengthsfinder Discipline Theme Worker

Make sure the Strengthsfinder Discipline theme worker has structure and avoids chaotic situations that drive this personality type crazy. Sudden changes will ruin this person’s day. Keep physical clutter away from this person or at least put a Discipline theme in charge of organizing it. Give advance warning of approaching deadlines to enable Discipline themes the ability to stay ahead of schedule. Spend time prioritizing together. To tap a Strengthsfinder Discipline theme’s strengths, ask for this person’s help in organizing your own schedule or in improving processes in his or her department.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 is a must in knowing what makes you tick and how to live a better fulfilled life. I highly recommend taking your very own Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment.


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