Focus Theme

My Focus is laser targeted.

My Focus is laser targeted.

Strengthsfinder focus, According to Gallup Poll researchers, discovering your inner themes will help you be a better worker, a more fulfilled person, and an understanding friend. Managers who recognize the themes of others will be able to inspire productivity and better communication in the workplace.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Focus Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Focus theme if…

  • You always ask yourself, “Where am I headed today?”
  • You need a clear sense of purpose and destination to engage in meaningful work.
  • You set goals, determine priorities, and filter actions by what will move you ahead.
  • You are impatient with delays, obstacles and tangents that seem off-course.
  • You are a valuable team member who keeps groups focused on the main road.
  • You have a great eye for what is important and essential to the task at hand.


At your best, you are disciplined, purposeful, precise, and excellent at both goal-setting and go-getting. On the other hand, people may think you are absorbed, rigid, intense, and stressed. You may find it difficult to relax at times.


Strengthsfinder Focus Talent Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Focus theme possible, you should…

1. Seek roles where you can work independently toward your goals with little to no supervision.

2. Set goals that include disciplined timelines and measurements that can indicate progress.

3. Write down your goals and look at your list often to feel like you are purpose-driven and in-control.

4. Share your short-term and mid-term goals with your manager to get more breathing room.

5. Help others set goals, summarize group progress, and take charge in setting timelines for projects.

6. Practice letting others think and speak, for their “detours” may lead to discoveries and new knowledge.

7. Set goals for your personal life as well so you do not become imbalanced or too work-obsessed.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Focus Talent Theme Worker

The Strengthsfinder Focus theme worker likes controllable environments that are not overloaded with supervision. You can check in with this worker often to discuss goals and progress, however, as he will like talking about the work at hand. This person is not always sensitive to the plight of others, so watch out for workers who may feel “trampled upon” by your super-driven employee. During meetings, adhere to the agenda and avoid tangents to win respect. Present change in terms of “new goals,” “new measures of success” and “a renewed sense of purpose.” Ask this person to get involved with deadline and company goal-setting. Allow Focus themes to participate in time management seminars and tasks that will help them boost their efficiency.


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