Futuristic Theme

I see the what lies ahead just over the Horizon.

I see the what lies ahead just over the Horizon.

StrengthsFinder Futuristic, Develop your core themes to be more successful in relationships, more productive at work, and happier in life. The StrengthsFinder book and software series will help you be more introspective and understand those around you with greater accuracy and empathy.



Do You Have Strengthsfinder Futuristic Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder futuristic theme if…

  • You love to look ahead and think wistfully, “Wouldn’t it be great if …?”
  • You are fascinated by the future and create detailed pictures to pull you forward.
  • You find the notion of a better product, team, company, and life to be very inspirational.
  • You are sometimes called “a dreamer,” other times a “visionary.”
  • You become frustrated by people who seem overly pragmatic.
  • You serve as a source of hope for others when you speak vividly.


Your biggest asset is your creative imagination that is always inspiring and often prophetic. Your weakness is that you can have your head in the clouds and dream too much to be realistic.

Strengthsfinder futuristic Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder futuristic talent theme possible, you should…

1. Choose roles that let you share your vision of the future – be it entrepreneurial or start-up situations.

2. Spend time pondering a very precise and detailed future, which will hone your skills of persuasion.

3. Seek others who appreciate your ideas about the future so their expectations can motivate you.

4. Motivate others by sharing your vision with others and seek out other Futuristic themes.

5. Try public speaking, writing articles, or making presentations where you can be creative.

6. Understand that your ability to see the future is truly a gift that not everyone possesses.

7. Partner with a strong Strengthsfinder Activator theme to remember that you create the future with actions.

Managing The Strengthsfinder futuristic Talent Theme Worker

Put a Strengthsfinder futuristic theme front and center when you are planning the future of the organization or trying to anticipate future needs. Let these people contribute to company newsletters, meetings or conventions. Ask Strengthsfinder futuristic workers to share their career visions with you during performance reviews. Give these workers time to think, write and plan for future products. Provide these individuals with as much grist for the creative mill as you can. Talk with Futuristic themes about “what could be.” Have this person make presentations to help others deal with change because, in the Futuristic worker’s eyes, the future is much brighter and more exciting!


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