Includer Theme

Make the circle wider!

Make the circle wider!

An Includer says “We are all equally important.”
By accepting people no matter what their belief system, we gain the needed knowledge to bridge the gaps to better community. The goal is to “expand the group” so as many people as possible can benefit from its support.


Do You Have Strengthsfinder Includer Talent?

You might be the Strengthsfinder Includer theme if…

• You like to “stretch the circle wider” and you feel “the more the merrier.”
• You naturally try to include people and make them feel like part of a group.
• You avoid groups and situations that exclude others or put people down.
• You hate seeing someone feeling forlorn, outcast, or left out from a group.
• You are accepting of all faiths, sexes, religions, and nationalities.
• You cast very few judgments and presume that all men are truly created equal.
At your best, you are engaging, sensitive, caring, kind, inclusive and you stick up for others. On the other end of the spectrum, you can be indiscriminate, indecisive, and generous to a fault.

Strengthsfinder Includer Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Includer theme possible, you should…

1. Choose roles where you constantly interact with people and make them feel important.
2. Select jobs that include advocacy work and giving voice to the voiceless, which are right up your alley.
3. Find leadership opportunities to bring diverse cultures and backgrounds together.
4. Take initiative to help newcomers to the organization get to know others and feel involved.
5. Help more pessimistic colleagues see the best in everyone to enlighten their world.
6. Work with strong Activator or Command themes when you have to deliver discouraging news.
7. Share your thoughts on where common interests lie and vouch for respecting diversity.

Managing A Strengthsfinder Includer Theme

Strengthsfinder Includer type loves to be part of a team, lead a task force, recruiting minority workers, and welcoming new workers. This theme works very well with customers and clients. Ideally, the Includer focuses on projects with a broad market appeal, rather than targeted niches. Set an Strengthsfinder Includer in charge of a community event or charity effort to see dazzling results.

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