Input Theme

I love to gather and share important information.

I love to gather and share important information.

Strengthsfinder Input, According to Gallup Poll research, you’ll be a better worker, manager and companion if you understand the core strengths that people possess. Ideally, each individual will be aware of their own strengths and the strengths of others, which will make everyone more productive and fulfilled.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Input Talent?

You might be an Strengthsfinder Input theme if…

  • You are naturally inquisitive.
  • You are a collector.
  • You love to learn new words, memorize facts, collecting quotes, and read new books.
  • You may collect photographs, butterflies, baseball cards, or another item of interest.
  • You are excited by the complexity and infinite nature of the world.
  • You enjoy traveling for the artifacts and new facts that can be acquired.
  • You’re not comfortable throwing things away.
  • Acquiring, filing and compiling keeps your mind fresh and fertile.

At your best, you are a tremendous resource of knowledge. You have a great memory, superb attention to detail and consequently, you’re a great conversationalist too. Some of your cons are that not everyone will find your “stuff” interesting, you sometimes retain worthless information, and you are prone to packrat clutter.

Strengthsfinder Input Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Input theme possible, you should…

1. Work in roles where you will receive new information daily – like teaching, researching, or journalism.

2. Pinpoint your areas of specialization and actively build your information arsenal in this area.

3. Schedule time each day to read new books and articles to keep your mind stimulated.

4. Increase your vocabulary by collecting words that interest you and learn about their etymology.

5. Spend time reading the Dictionary, the Encyclopedia and other factual books to grow your knowledge.

6. Accept that you can never know enough to satisfy you and look for situations where you can share.

7. Partner with strong Focus or Discipline themes to stay on track and prevent distractions on your quest.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Input Theme Worker

Give the Strengthsfinder Input theme workers specific areas to research to focus their attention. Share news, articles and books with these people. Help Input themes organize and store information better. Look for other key themes; for instance, strong Developers can excel as teachers or trainers who can add intriguing anecdotes and facts to each lesson. Look for opportunities to praise Input themes for their diligence and intelligence.


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