Maximizer Theme

I can motivate you to greatness!

I can motivate you to greatness!

If you haven’t heard already, Gallup has released a hit series of books and software programs under the StrengthsFinder moniker. This series is aimed at helping people uncover their innate skills, talents and abilities – and then applying this in real life situations. People tend to be happiest and work best when their natural abilities and skills are being used. In fact, it is the key to fulfillment.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Maximizer Talent?

You might have a Strengthsfinder Maximizer talent theme if…

• You strive for excellence in all that you do.
• You like taking strong to superb, rather than working with the average or lackluster.
• You are captivated by strengths – both inside yourself and in others.
• You seek to surround yourself with other winners and people who admire your strengths.
• You avoid “fixer-uppers” or people who want to offer you solutions.
• You are attracted to others who have discovered and cultivated their strengths.
• You are a gifted communicator who thrives on personal interaction with others.


Strengthsfinder Maximizer Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Maximizer you can be, you should:

1. Seek roles where you can help others succeed. You work best as a coach, manager, mentor or teacher.
2. Devise new ways to measure performance. This helps you spot strengths in yourself and others.
3. Focus on strengths. Always add new knowledge to your arsenal and practice your skills.
4. Set goals. Make a plan to use your strengths outside work to benefit your family or community.
5. Study success. Spend time with others who have discovered their strengths.
6. Overcome weakness. Find a partner or support system to compensate for your weakness.
7. Communicate. Explain to others why you build strength, rather than fix weakness.

Managing A Strengthsfinder Maximizer

Sometimes you wind up in the position of managing a Strengthsfinder Maximizer. You can improve your communication with this individual by understanding that this person is not interested in “fixing” but can be extremely motivated by the opportunity to maximize performance. Avoid putting this person in roles that demand problem-solving. Avoid pointing out this person’s weaknesses. Instead, schedule time to discuss his or her strengths and how a fulfilling career path can be put into place to ensure individual excellence. Strengthsfinder Maximizer type loves to lead task forces and designing new programs for measuring productivity.


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