Woo Theme

I want to win you over!

I want to “Win You Over!”

Strengthsfinder 2.0 reveals 34 potential strengths we all have. One of the more interesting strengths is something called Strengthsfinder Woo. Strengthsfinder Woo means “Win Others Over”. We have all met a person that is just friendly and instantly we like. It is quite possible that person has WOO in their top 5 Strengthsfinder talent themes. My question is, do you wish to understand yourself and others better? Strengthsfinder goes a long way in explaining certain natural tendencies we all have which can be defined as Strengths or talents. Discovering those potential Strengths will help you be more fulfilled as a person.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder WOO Talent?


People with Strengthsfinder WOO talent are fun to be around. However, WOO can be misunderstood as going deeper in a relationship than the WOO person expects or cares to go.

• You love the challenge of convincing new people to like you.
• WOO people find strangers energizing, alluring, and exciting.
• You enjoy interviewing, asking questions, building rapport, and finding common interests.
• You are never worried about running out of things to say because you enjoy conversation.
• You are confident and don’t mind moving on once a connection has been made.
• You believe there is no such thing as strangers – only friends you haven’t met yet.

At your best, you are outgoing, people-oriented, highly connected, and good at building rapport. However, sometimes you can come across as fake, shallow or a social butterfly that cares not for meaningful relationships. Perhaps you also have Strengthsfinder Communication as a strength. When you pair those two Strength themes together you may be a very influential WOO person.
One that loves to talk and share stories very effectively.


Strengthsfinder Woo Theme Actions

Following are several suggestions in developing your Strengthsfinder WOO talent theme.

1. Find a job that allows you to interact with many different people throughout the day.
2. Build extensive networks of people who know you and check in with people throughout the month.
3. Join local organizations and participate in social events, where you can be influential.
4. Keep a card file of all the people you know and track their birthdays, hobbies, and favorites.
5. Consider running for elected office, since campaigning comes very natural to you.
6. Practice your charm and engagement to work in social situations, helping others feel more at ease.
7. Partner with Relator or Empathy themes to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with people.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Woo Theme Worker

People with Strengthsfinder Woo love to meet strangers. They can remember names and build trust for your organization. This is the sort of person you want meeting clients, representing you at clubs or conferences, working in corporate sales, or acting as a host for a social gathering. It’s easy to be dazzled by a person with Strengthsfinder Woo, so be sure your roles for this person match his or her skill set. Encourage this person to build skills by assisting in goal setting tasks such as memorizing everyone’s names or compiling a list of people’s special interests.

One last thought…when will you discover for yourself how Strengthsfinder fits into your life?

For more Information about Strengthsfinder Woo, visit Woo Talent Themes now.