Command Theme

I will take charge.

I will take charge.

The fascinating thing about Strengthsfinder Command is how subtle it can be. Command when it is working well is almost unnoticed by people. A person with Strengthsfinder Command can have a certain aura about them when they enter a room. Most of the time people can not explain what they feel but it is there none the less. However there can be a dark side to Command if this person becomes out of control. If you have taken the Strengthsfinder 2.0 test and have Command it is important to find a coach that will help you develop this talent into a Strength. People with Command can be very powerful and great for any organization to have in their leadership.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Command Talent?

Like Strengthsfinder Activator, you might have a Strengthsfinder Command theme if you enjoy leading people. In fact Command might come natural for you.

• As a Command you love to take charge.
• You don’t think twice about espousing your views.
• You feel compelled to share your opinions with others and enjoy building consensus.
• You view confrontation as one step toward resolution.
• You don’t mind sharing the facts, truths, or unpleasant aspects of life.
• You challenge others to be honest and take risks.
• being a Strengthsfinder Command person you are sometimes labeled “opinionated.”
• You have a presence that people are instinctively drawn to.
• Your biggest strengths are that you possess charisma, you’re direct, you’re clear and driven.
• Your biggest weaknesses are that you can be bossy, domineering, a know-it-all, stubborn and abrupt.

Strengthsfinder Command Theme Actions


Take the following actions to develop your Strengthsfinder Command talent into a Strength.

1. Seek a persuasive role like sales.

2. Practice tone and technique to turn your confrontations into persuasive discussions.

3. In your relationship, look for opportunities to speak candidly about sensitive subjects.

4. Help friends and colleagues make commitments, act, and take risks that will pay off.

5. Find a cause to support and defend to discover your best strengths at work.

6. Ask others for their candid opinions, explaining that you like to air thoughts, rather than bottle them.

7. Partner with “Woo” or “Empathy” themes to improve reaching consensus via relationship building.

Managing a Strengthsfinder Command Theme Worker

Put a Strengthsfinder Command in charge when you need to get a project moving again. Ask for evaluations on problems they see in the organization for a sober, brutally honest assessment. Allow the Command person to make decisions and lead without supervision. If a Command is stepping on colleagues’ toes, confront them with specific examples that were “over the line.” Avoid threats, but instead take firm action and demand restitution. Let bygones be bygones because this individual will quickly get over the issue. Your time is best spent convincing others that the Command’s assertiveness also makes them effective. Convincing a Strengthsfinder Command to be more polite or empathetic is not a good use of your time, as this stubborn theme rarely, if ever, changes.



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