Harmony Theme


Life is best when at peace and rest!

Many people have underestimated the power of Harmony! It takes “Great Strength” to bring calm to an over heated room! When consensus and common ground are essential, it is “Vital” to have a person with Harmony on your team. They know how much time conflict and friction waste. Be “Thankful” you are able to “move forward faster” because that Harmony talent is there.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Harmony Talent?

You might have a Strengthsfinder Harmony theme if…

• You look are always seeking consensus and common ground.
• You feel there is nothing to gain from conflict, friction, and arguing.
• Harmony is one of your guiding values and, you feel, the key to productivity.
• You are a natural peacekeeper who focuses on topics everyone can agree upon.
• You are willing to modify your objectives to meet others halfway, so long as it is moral.
• You don’t believe in “rocking the boat” because we are “all in this together.”

Your best attributes are that: you’re a good negotiator who can see all sides of a situation. You are great at asking questions and arriving at a consensus. On the other hand, you can appear weak and indecisive because you are always avoiding conflict at all cost.

Strengthsfinder Harmony Theme

To be the best Strengthsfinder Harmony theme possible, you should…
1. Look at the practical side of a matter to find agreement.
2. Explore other perspectives and build a network of experts you can rely upon.
3. Accept responsibility as a valuable member of a team where your tolerance is appreciated.
4. Invite many voices into a conversation to find more sources of shared values.
5. Avoid roles like sales or high competitiveness that will upset and frustrate you.
6. Practice conflict resolution techniques to avoid unresolved matters and passive-aggressiveness.
7. Partner with Command or Activator themes to develop a stronger backbone when necessary.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Harmony Theme Worker

Steer these workers away from conflict and avoid discussing controversial subjects. Agree with Strengthsfinder Harmony themes as much as possible and surround them with other Harmony themes to improve focus, productivity, and creativity. Support drives this individual. If your other workers are in a deadlock, look for a Strengthsfinder Harmony worker to find areas of agreement and get the group functioning more productively again.

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