Self-Assurance Theme

I am confident in my ability to succeed.

I am confident in my ability to succeed.

Strengthsfinder Self-assurance, Gallup’s hit series of “StrengthsFinder” books and software programs are aimed at helping you uncover your innate skills and abilities, as well as recognizing these talents in others. The idea is that a better understanding of how certain personality type’s function will lead to better personal fulfillment for you, not to mention better communication with your family, friends and coworkers.

Do You Have Self-Assurance Talent?

You might have a Strengthsfinder Self-Assurance talent theme if…

• You have a deep, unshakable faith in your strengths, abilities and judgments.
• You are able to take risks and meet challenges head-on to deliver results.
• You don’t mind guidance, but you don’t like being told what to think.
• You are not intimidated by your own authority, but instead prefer to make decisions.
• You are not easily swayed by others’ arguments, no matter how persuasive they may be.
• You may be a loud or a quiet person, but at the end of the day you are the solid keel guiding the ship.


Strengthsfinder Self-Assurance Actions

To let your Strengthsfinder Self-Assurance shine, you should:

1. Look for start-up opportunities enabling you to make many decisions, without rules or limitations.
2. Find positions involve persuasion – management, legal, sales, or entrepreneurship roles, for example.
3. Trust your instincts to determine appropriate actions and help others trust in your certainty.
4. Understand that others may see you as self-righteous and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
5. Make it clear that you would like to hear others’ views, even though you possess great certainty.
6. Partner with a strong Strategic, Deliberative or Futuristic theme to assess your goals before committing.

Managing A Strengthsfinder Self-Assurance Personality Type

Managing a Strengthsfinder Self-Assurance theme can be challenging, as this person appears very headstrong at times. This type does not enjoy micromanaging or hand holding. It’s best to give a Self Assurance type his or her space and position him or her in a role where persistence and “staying the course” yields great success. The ideal role is one of authority, certainty and leadership. This person is an agent of action, so reinforce this role with comments like, “It’s up to you,” “Let’s go with your intuition,” or “Make it happen!” Show the Self Assurance type that his or her decisions produce outcomes to inspire greater confidence. Despite the strong mind of this individual, be sure to point out major misjudgments or overstatements and provide clear feedback to help this person hone his or her instincts.


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