Context Theme

Knowing the history allows me to make great decisions!

Knowing the history allows me to make great decisions!

One of the most misunderstood themes in Strengthsfinder is Strengthsfinder Context. A person strong in Context needs to know the past in order to make future judgments. A good example is to have to make a quick choice at work about a new employee. This will frustrate a person with Context because they will not have enough background information in order to choose a result they will be confident in. However, if you give a person with Context enough background information they will be much better able to make good decisions. Context is one of 34 Strengthsfinder talent themes that Gallup discovered and then created Strengthsfinder 2.0 as the way to measure those potential Strengths. I recommend your own personal discovery of your top 5 talents by taking the Strengthsfinder self assessment.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Context Talent?

Strengthsfinder Context is a wonderful strength and should be fully developed if possible. Looking back into the past and seeing what the future will hold is a very unique strength to have. That is what a person with Strengthsfinder Context is capable of doing for themselves and an oeganization.

• You look back into the past to understand the chaotic and confusing present scenario.
• You feel life was so much simpler back when the blueprints were first being drawn up.
• Understanding “how we got here” brings you a greater sense of confidence.
• The future scares you less when you think about how the seeds were sown in the past.
• You are uncertain about new people and new situations, but become oriented in time.
• Asking questions can clarify a situation and give you the historical context you need.

On the bright side, you have a wonderful grasp on history and you can recite with great reliability what has happened in the past and the pathway to current events. On the downside, you are sometimes extremely slow to act or react to change, you may come off as “close-minded” and inflexible, and some may say you are “old-fashioned” or that you “live in the past.”


Strengthsfinder Context Theme Actions

Following are ways to develop your Strengthsfinder Context talent into a Strength.

1. Collect memories, photographs and keep a journal, which can serve to motivate you.
2. Read historical novels, non-fictions and biographies as much as possible for insights into the present.
3. Encourage your colleagues to look at case studies and past projects before embarking upon a new one.
4. Teach others about history and spread your knowledge about the past to illuminate the present for others.
5. Use symbols, stories and the past to strengthen the folklore and corporate culture of your company.
6. Understand that change is an inevitable part of life and that your grasp on context can help you adapt.
7. Partner with Futuristic or Strategic themes to live in the present a little more and to ground the others.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Context Theme Worker

Have patience with a Strengthsfinder Context theme worker who may demand to know what line of thinking led to an action or what the background story is before committing. When introducing this person, give a little background information before getting down to business. Ask this person to review timelines for a project during meetings and outline case studies that are applicable to a current project. Put a Context worker in charge of writing anecdotes in company newsletters, creating video tutorials, or other culture strengthening activities.

How will you ever know if you have Strengthsfinder Context talent unless you take your own personal Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment?


For more Information about Strengthsfinder Context, visit Context Talent Themes now.