Positivity Theme

I know anything is possible!

I know anything is possible!

Strengthsfinder Positivity, How do you work best? What innate skills and natural abilities do you bring to the table? How do you think? What sort of jobs make you feel most fulfilled and why? These are the quintessential questions tackled by Gallup’s hit series of “StrengthsFinder” books and software programs. Through these personality themes, you’ll discover more about yourself – and more about your family, friends, coworkers and subordinates too.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Positivity Talent?

You might have a Strengthsfinder Positivity talent theme if…

• You are generous at praising others, quick to smile and good at finding humor in every situation.
• You wish others saw the glass half-full too, but you like that others enjoy being around you.
• Your energy, enthusiasm, optimism and world view can be contagious.
• You lighten the spirits of those around you, injecting drama into every project.
• You believe that work can be fun and meaningful, and that every setback is a veiled opportunity.
• You celebrate small achievements and find ways to brighten people’s day.
• You are rarely brought down by a cynic’s negative energy because you truly love life.

Strengthsfinder Positivity Themed Actions

To let your Strengthsfinder Positivity shine, you should:

1. Find roles where you’re paid to highlight positives – teaching, marketing, entrepreneurial, leadership.
2. Use your attitude to keep others around you moving and motivated when they are discouraged.
3. Deliberately seek others who are experiencing positive results and success to find added inspiration.
4. Maintain and arsenal of good stories, jokes and sayings to provide inspiration to others around you.
5. Plan activities for your colleagues that will recognize their achievements or add festivities to work.
6. Tailor your recognition to each person’s individual needs.
7. Avoid exceedingly negative people who threaten to bring you down.
8. Find likeminded people to energize you and rev up your spirits.
9. Explain that enthusiasm is not naivety, but another way of thinking and focusing.
10. Remember that pessimists are not achievers, nor do they find greater enjoyment in life.

Managing A Strengthsfinder Positivity Personality Type

When you’re managing a strengthsfinder positivity theme, you’ll find this person brings drama, energy and brightness to your company. Use this person to plan events, host product launches, engage with top customers and work on project teams. Remind the positive person of his or her strength at energizing others through attitude and humor. This theme works better around other strengthsfinder positivity people who need just a little extra boost of energy, rather than life-draining cynics. Ask this person about ideas for upcoming celebrations and ceremonies to see a Positivity theme’s creative side. Look for other strong themes. Developers make great trainers or teachers, whereas Command themes are great at selling.


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