Empathy Theme

When you need help, look for a person with great Empathy.

When you need help, look for a person with great Empathy.

You have an instinctive ability to understand and articulate feelings. People are drawn to you because of the way you put into words what they are feeling. You are sometimes over-involved because you are able to anticipate needs and hear their unvoiced questions. Above all else you feel the emotions of the world near you as your Empathy comforts those in pain.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Empathy Talent?

You might have an Strengthsfinder Empathy theme type if…

• You sense people’s emotions as if they are your own.
• You can see the world through other people’s perspectives even if you do not agree with them.
• You don’t necessarily pity everyone (which is sympathy), but you can at least understand their views.
• You have an instinctive ability to understand, anticipate need, and articulate feelings.
• You always speak with the right words and the right tone.
• You put words to what others are thinking and feeling.
• You find that people are often drawn to you.
• Your greatest strengths are that you create trust, bring healing, and approach others on their levels.
• Your greatest weaknesses are that you can be soft, over-involved, or a bit moody.

Strengthsfinder Empathy Type Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Empathetic you can be, you should…

1. Appreciate your gift for tapping into other people’s thoughts and feelings.
2. Help others identify their feelings and the feelings of others around them.
3. Build trust by sharing your assessments with others.
4. Work with likeminded friends who are also strong in Empathy to double-check your observations.
5. Understand the importance of silence, listening, and letting others communicate their feelings.
6. Act quickly and firmly if you see self-destructive individuals acting out of raw emotion.
7. Partner with strong Command or Activator themes to learn how to take charge, when warranted.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Empathy Actions

Ask Strengthsfinder Empathy type people to share their assessment of how people feel about the organization. Pay attention to the tears of an Strengthsfinder Empathy. Help these individuals recognize this core strength. Test the Empathetic worker’s ability to make decisions intuitively. Pair your Empathetic workers with optimistic and motivated individuals for better productivity. Enlist this theme to help you explain why certain actions are necessary, as the Strengthsfinder Empathy type can sense what people need to hear in order to commit.


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