Welcome Personal Development Fans

It’s a great day to be discovering more about personality tips, tricks and implementing what you will be learning.

My journey into personality development began years ago but became intense starting in February 2006. What started as a way to help people discover if they were suited to start a church from scratch became a journey into personality awareness and the various tools that can help people have a language that is very clear and precise in explaining talents, behaviors, attitudes and how they interact with the world around them.

Along the way I have learned a great deal about myself and how I can influence people in a much more effective way once I learn their personalities needs and demands. In fact I have been working on what I call the needs and demands of personality. Many times these needs are hidden or used in a destructive way because people often say “That’s just the way I am.”

What I am learning though is that there are patterns and language available that will explain many of these hidden areas of our lives. Having an Aha moment can be very exciting especially if it explains 35+ years of bad behavior and just knowing that one word “Focus” set me free from much of that bondage.

I hope that you will become part of this journey in order to reach your maximum potential as a person that wants to influence those around you. I believe personality development is a life long en-devour and is much like a marathon. Setting a realistic pace is important but there will be moments of instant discovery just like my “Focus” moment which will feel like years of struggle are set free.

My passion is working with people that want to change their world. What is it that motivates you to be a world changer with those people you work and care for?

Email Bill at bill@letstalkpersonality.com with any questions you may have.