Belief Theme

Because of Belief I have Unchanging Core Values!

Because of Belief I have Unchanging Core Values!

Are you looking to better understand yourself and others around you? Are you a manager who is responsible for inspiring, motivating and driving productivity? The Gallup Poll based StrengthsFinder themes will help you gain better insight and lead a more fulfilling existence that best uses your talents.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Belief Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Belief theme if…

• You possess enduring core values that you adamantly live by.
• You are extremely family-oriented, altruistic, spiritual, or ethical.
• You fall back on these high ethics and core values during times of temptation or distraction.
• You find meaning in holding this consistent set of priorities.
• Your friends call you “dependable” and easy to trust.
• You thrive upon relationships and meaningful work that meshes with your values.

At your best, you’re passionate, steadfast, altruistic, ethical, responsible, and family-oriented. There is no doubt what type of character you possess or where you stand on the issues. On the other hand, you can appear stubborn, set in your ways, closed-minded, opinionated, elitist, and like a “goody-two-shoes.”


Strengthsfinder Belief Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Belief theme possible, you should…

1. Seek roles that fit your values, such as working with a church or legal establishment.
2. Give voice to your values as often as you can to help others see where you stand.
3. Contemplate your best day ever and how your core values played into the events of that day.
4. Volunteer for a hospital, school board, or consider running for elected office.
5. Find as many friends who share your basic values as you can.
6. Partner with a strong Futuristic theme to see an exciting future where your values lead you to happiness.
7. Accept people with conflicting values so you do not appear overly judgmental or elitist.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Belief Theme Worker

The Strengthsfinder Belief theme worker is passionate, so try to tie these passions to an upcoming project. Consider how your products and services improve the lives of consumers. Appreciate and honor extra-curricular commitments the Strengthsfinder Belief worker undoubtedly has to earn his or her respect. If your company does charity work, give the Belief worker a stake in participating in this project.


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