Responsibility Theme

I Love to say Yes!

I Love to say Yes!

I love to take “ownership” of every new task I take on. To me it is as “Natural” as breathing to get things done. You just “Know” that I care deeply about how a job gets done. “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right!”


Do You Have Responsibility Talent?

The chances are very high that you have Strengthsfinder Responsibility if you absolutely feel a task assigned is a task that must be done. And that you feel badly until that job is finished if you do not finish the task on time.

• You take emotional and psychological ownership of any project you commit to.
• You feel incredibly guilty when you can’t deliver on a promise, even if no one else cares.
• You believe that apologies, excuses and rationalizations are the worst.
• Instead, you believe in making restitution through action.
• You want to maintain a reputation as someone who is completely dependable.
• You are the “go-to person” when something needs to get done.
• You sometimes volunteer for more than you can handle.

At your best, you are responsible, committed to stable values, honest, and loyal. Yet, you also have a tendency to become obsessed with your work, micromanage others, and bite off more than you can chew, which may lead to stress.

Strengthsfinder Responsibility Theme Actions

Following are some suggestions in how to develop your Strengthsfinder Responsibility into a Strength.

1. At interviews, emphasize your ability to be accountable for the success or failure of projects.
2. Volunteer for jobs where you can move up in the ranks, take on more responsibility and challenge yourself.
3. Surround yourself with people who also have a sense of responsibility.
4. Let your manager know you work best independently and that you don’t need to check-in.
5. Bask in the completion of your commitments and savor the successes along the way.
6. Know when to say “no” and be more selective to avoid failure or project overload.
7. Partner with strong Discipline or Focus themes to stay on track and find a sense of balance.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Responsibility Theme Worker

Do not micro-manage the Strengthsfinder Responsibility theme worker or pair this person with loafs in a team situation. Give this individual space, responsibility, and little supervision to get the best results. Don’t expect this person to rush through a project because a Responsibility theme values quality too much. Allow volunteer opportunities to come across this person’s desk, but also keep an eye out that the Responsibility theme worker doesn’t take on too much.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 is a must if you are wondering at all if you have Strengthsfinder Responsibility.

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