Deliberative Theme

Structure is what makes things happen better.

Structure is what makes things happen better.

Strengthsfinder Deliberative, Discover your strengths and the best in others with Gallup Poll’s StrengthsFinder books and software program. Be a better manager, spouse, friend, and coworker. Tap into your core abilities and uncover the key to better productivity and happiness.


Do You Have Deliberative Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Deliberative theme if…

  • You consider yourself extremely cautious, careful, vigilant, serious and reserved.
  • You are a private person who chooses friends carefully and wisely.
  • You see the world as an unpredictable place.
  • You find order in chaos by identifying and assessing risks.
  • You like to plan ahead and anticipate anything that could possibly go wrong.
  • You keep your own counsel, rather than follow the advice of others.
  • You feel life is a minefield that you navigate deliberately but carefully.
  • You aren’t worried about winning a popularity contest if others don’t agree with you.

At your best, you have sound judgment, you make solid decisions, you are able to plan for the unexpected, and you’re great at identifying risks. On the downside, you can come off a bit introverted, fearful, standoffish, aloof, slow, or overly cautious.


Strengthsfinder Deliberative Talent Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Deliberative theme possible, you should…

1. Consider roles like legal work, business negotiations, or regulation compliance where judgment is key.

2. Be prepared to discuss the advantages of your conservative approach in any given situation.

3. Keep confidence in your decisions, even when others disagree because you see things others do not.

4. Take responsibility in helping others through complex decisions since you have the voice of reason.

5. Don’t let others goad you into revealing too much about yourself and take pride in your small social circle.

6. Explain your ability to highlight risk, control variables, and reduce the possibility of unwanted results.

7. Partner with a strong Command, Self-Assurance, or Strengthsfinder Activator theme to make many sound decisions.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Deliberative Theme Worker

Do not ask this person to make snap decisions “based on instinct,” but throw a Strengthsfinder Deliberative theme into the mix when you have a group that tends to be too impulsive. Before implementing a decision, ask the Deliberative theme about the potential consequences or land mines ahead. Ask a Deliberative worker to take the lead on serious matters of safety, accuracy or legality to keep your flanks protected. Consider this person for help with contract negotiations. Understand this person’s need for a little privacy and distance. Do not ask a Deliberative person to be a greeter or networker in a terribly social role, which he or she will abhor.


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