Activator Theme

I need to start things.

I need to start things.

As a Strengthsfinder Activator I love to start things. In fact as a Strengthsfinder Activator I often fall into a Ready-Fire-Aim syndrome. Learning more about your own dominant personality theme will help you become a stronger, successful and fulfilled individual. Taking the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment will go a long way in helping decide if you are an Activator like me. it would behoove you to read about the other themes as well, since you will then come to a better understanding of your friends, family and coworkers as well. You will find it interesting that Strengthsfinder themes work together in pairs and threes.


Do You Have Strengthsfinder Activator Talent?

You might have a Strengthsfinder Activator talent theme if…

• You are always ready to start a new project and find yourself impatient for action.

• Analysis generally bores you, even though you understand debate and discussion has its place.

• You are not deterred by the unknown, but rather thrive on performance and results.

• You feel action is the best way to learn and grow.

• You stay fresh and informed by putting yourself out there and taking the next step.

• You understand we are judged, not by what we say, but by what we do – and you are ready to act!


Strengthsfinder Activator Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Activator you can be, you should:

1. Find work that allows you to make decisions and act right away, without waiting for approval.

2. In group situations, take responsibility for your actions.

3. Avoid conflicts by asking to be judged on measurable outcomes, rather than process.

4. Be prepared to explain why you sometimes need to make the wrong decision to learn.

5. Position yourself on exciting, action-oriented committees.

6. Provide reasons why your requests must be granted so you are not dismissed as “impatient.”

7. Give the reasons why your requests for action must be granted; otherwise,

8. Understand how your pushiness may intimidate others.

9. Partner with a strong Strategic or Analytical themes so you will see how high the cliff is.

Managing a Strengthsfinder Activator Personality Type

Activators need to be kept busy, so if you find yourself managing one, put him or her on a very busy project. Show that you understand this is a “person who makes things happen” and you will find these expectations energize the Activator. If you have slow-performing teams that tend to over-talk the issues, throw an Activator into the mix to see what happens. Listen carefully to an Activator’s complaints, but redirect his or her energy onto new projects, initiatives and improvements he or she can spearhead. Activators make excellent recruiters and salespeople. Partner Activators with Strategic or Analytical themes to anticipate any potential disasters.

If you love to start new things without waiting then you might be an Activator. Ready, Fire, Aim is the motto of a Strengthsfinder activator, Does that surprise you?


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