Relator Theme

I love to grow closer to my friends!

I love to grow closer to my friends!

I have noticed “two kinds” of Relator . One is the person who has many friends and goes fairly deep them. The other is the person that has only “2 or 3” really close friends but goes “5,000 feet deep” with each of them. Knowing how to makes friends is a skill you share with others. It is never easy making friends but for you it sure looks like it.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Relator Talent?

Strengthsfinder Relator talent is a real gift for those that are connected with the Relator. A Relator can share in a very natural way how friendships should work. How to build trust and create long lasting friends comes very easy for the Relator. Emulating their behaviors and attitudes will help you make friends with others as well.

• You derive great pleasure and strength from being around your closest friends.
• You feel most comfortable forming intimate relationships with a few confidants.
• You enjoy opening up and forming deep relationships with people you deem worthy.
• You want to understand the feelings, fears, goals, and dreams of others on a deeper level.
• You are more than willing to risk vulnerability in exchange for a genuine relationship.

At your best, you are caring, trusting, forgiving, generous, and the best type of friend a person can have. On the other hand, you can be too “clique-forming” and accused of being a “crony” or “playing favorites.”

Strengthsfinder Relator Theme Actions

Following are some suggestions in developing your Strengthsfinder Relator talent into a Strength.

1. Find a workplace where close friendships are encouraged in the corporate culture.
2. Go out of your way to learn as much about newcomers as you can so you can invite them into your circle.
3. Understand that you can make a great role model by demonstrating your trust in others.
4. Help your colleagues get to know one another better by acting as an extra-curricular event organizer.
5. Always stay in touch with your friends, who fuel you to achieve greatness and bring out the best in you.
6. Give honest feedback and encouragement to others, which will help them succeed.
7. Practice forgiveness on a regular basis and do not let past misgivings compromise your trust.

Managing A Strengthsfinder Relator Theme Worker

If you are managing a Strengthsfinder Relator, be sure to let this individual know you care. These workers thrive off close relationships and will naturally wonder where they stand with you. Share confidential information with this trustworthy person whenever possible. Understand a Relator has a need for consistency, which aids in relationship building, and don’t uproot him or her too often. Share the goals of colleagues with the Relator to facilitate bonding opportunities. A Strengthsfinder Relator strong in the Focus, Arranger or Self-Assurance can make excellent managers.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 will change your life if you are willing to grow your talents into Strengths. Isn’t it about time you discover your potential Strengths. You may even be strong in Relator.


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