Adaptability Theme

Our plans work best when we work together!

Our plans work best when we work together!

Strengthsfinder 2.0 helps you discover your Top 5 Strengths which may include Strengthsfinder Adaptability. Adaptability is one of 34 Strengthsfinder Talents or ingrained personality traits that people have. For the individual, focusing on these talent themes it helps bring clarity, fulfillment, and better relationships. For the manager, these themes unlock the key to better productivity and performance.

People strong in Strengthsfinder Adaptability have the innate ability to switch direction quickly with little or no stress.


Do You Have Adaptability Talent?

You might have the Strengthsfinder Adaptability talent theme if…

• You live in the moment and enjoy sudden requests or detours from your current plans.
• You view the future as dynamic, ever-changing, and a culmination of choices you make.
• You are opportunistic, looking for the best plans, even if you made prior engagements.
• You see change and broken engagements as inevitable facts of life and do not resent them.
• You are extremely flexible and find productivity, even when you are pulled in all directions.

At your best, you are comfortable with change, easy to get along with and you generally “go with the flow.” At your worst, you can be indecisive, lacking direction, too sheep-like or overly whimsical.

Strengthsfinder Adaptability Themes Actions


To have the best Strengthsfinder Adaptability talent possible, you should…

1. Find roles like Journalist, EMT, or Customer Service Rep, where circumstances always change.
2. Learn how to respond to changes even quicker than before, even while under pressure.
3. Help your colleagues find productive ways to make progress during stressful situations.
4. Cultivate a reputation as a calm and reassuring individual others can count on.
5. Espouse the value of seizing the moment to add valuable experiences to one’s arsenal.
6. Avoid roles with rigid structure and predictability that will only frustrate and stifle you.
7. Let others heavy in Focus, Strategic, or Belief themes do the planning and help you shape goals.


Managing Strengthsfinder Adaptability Talent Theme Person


Give an Strengthsfinder Adaptability talent theme individual the opportunity to work on a dynamic team where unforeseen circumstances may change plans quickly. These individuals are most productive working on short assignments requiring immediate action. They hate sitting through meetings, which they deem “irrelevant.” Pay heed to their secondary themes. Focus themes enjoy planning. Empathy themes like working with customers, clients or guests to accommodate their needs. Strengthsfinder Developer talent themes enjoy playing the role of “mentor.”


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