Strategic Theme

I see alternative ways to proceed.

I see alternative ways to proceed.

Strengthsfinder Strategic, In 2002, Gallup released a hit series of books and software programs under the StrengthsFinder moniker to help people uncover their innate skills and abilities and apply them to real life situations, which furthers personal fulfillment. Also, recognizing and understanding other people’s typologies will also aid communication with family, friends and coworkers alike.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Strategic Talent?

You might have a strengthsfinder strategic talent theme if…

• You like sorting through clutter.
• You must always take the “most efficient” route.
• You naturally put complex information into categories.
• You have the ability to look ahead at possible scenarios before they unfold.
• You’re great at anticipating obstacles and making decisive actions.
• You avoid pathways that lead to foggy confusion or nowhere.


Strengthsfinder Strategic Actions

To be the most strengthsfinder strategic person you can be, you should:

1. Take time to reflect upon a goal you’d like to achieve, allowing patterns and issues to emerge.
2. Plan your range of responses in great detail to show others the repercussions you see ahead.
3. Engage in detailed discussions about alternate directions, which will hone your anticipation skills.
4. Trust your intuitive insights, having confidence in your ability, whether you can articulate it or not.
5. Seize the moment and boldly state your strategy with gusto.
6. Surround yourself with people who do important work and assume a leadership role.

Managing A Strengthsfinder Strategic Personality

When you wind up managing a Strengthsfinder strategic personality type, it is important that you recognize the talent before you. This is a person that should be at the leading edge of your organization, looking at options for major upcoming decisions. Ask questions such as, “If this happened, what can we expect next?” Always give a strategic person time to think the situation through, while he or she plays out the scenarios logically, rationally and intuitively. Whenever a Strengthsfinder strategic planning seminar comes up, send this trusted ally to hone his or her natural abilities further. Since this individual is good at putting complex ideas into words, you can trust him or her to develop a critical presentation or written strategy for your company.


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