Consistency Theme

Treating everyone the same is important to me.

Treating everyone the same is important to me.

Strengthsfinder Consistency, To find fulfillment and reach a better understanding, check out the StrengthsFinder book and software series. Here you’ll learn about many different natural inclinations and core principles (“themes”) that your friends, family, and cohorts may possess. By understanding others, you can be a better manager or inspiration, all the while finding a deeper level of fulfillment in your own life.

Do You Have Consistency Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Consistency theme if…

• You value balance and fairness at all times.
• You dislike when the scales tip in the favor of selfishness and excessive individualism.
• You stand up for people who are unfairly disadvantaged.
• You are most offended by nepotism and the way “connections” award people privilege.
• You feel people perform best in consistent environments with very clear rules.
• You feel best when things are predictable and evenhanded.

At your best, you are a just problem-solver and an excellent policy maker. At your worst, you stick to “the book” too much, which makes you inflexible and unwilling to tailor to people’s expectations.


Strengthsfinder Consistency Theme Action

To be the best Strengthsfinder Consistency theme possible, you should…

1. Seek roles where you can level the playing field, help the disadvantaged, or lead and inspire others.
2. Create a list of consistent rules you live by, based upon your values and non-negotiable policies.
3. Cultivate a reputation for giving credit where credit is due and rewarding the top performers.
4. Enforce your standards by going after people who grease the wheels and take unfair advantages.
5. Focus on performance and easily measurable metrics to maintain a sense of fairness.
6. Partner with a strong Maximizer or Individualization theme to learn more about accepting differences.
7. Look at actual results, rather than process or methods of getting work done.

Managing A Strengthsfinder Consistency Theme Worker

To manage a Strengthsfinder Consistency theme, ask for advice on who contributed the most. Ask for help determining how to put consistent principles into practice. Understand that a Consistency theme needs additional support during times of change or upheaval, which these people do not handle well. Have a Consistency theme work on group date, rather than individual data, since his or her strength lies in looking at broad generalizations. Strengthsfinder Consistency theme workers like “the here and now” — accomplishing tasks and making decisions, rather than look at long-term agendas or creative brainstorming.


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