Arranger Theme

I know where each piece belongs!

I know where each piece belongs!

Strengthsfinder Arranger, A “theme” can be described as an ingrained personality trait or inclination that one naturally has. Understanding which themes you are can help you derive purpose in life, work harder, and get along with others. Managers can use these themes to drive productivity, better understand how to delegate tasks, and create work groups that function at peak performance.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Arranger Talent?

You might be an Strengthsfinder Arranger Theme if…

• You enjoy managing the variables of a situation to find “the best way” to accomplish a task.
• You keep a lot of factors in your mind at all times, which sometimes awes others.
• You sometimes switch well-laid plans to go with a brand new occurrence.
• You buy “last-minute” fares and mull over decisions on new projects for a while.
• You are always seeking “the perfect configuration.”
• You love new options, looking for paths of least resistance, and starting new partnerships.

At your best, you are flexible, great at organizing, an excellent task juggler, and great at conducting. At your worst, you may become too flexible and fall into a total lack of structure. You may have trouble following existing rules and procedures or suffer a lack of vision in your priorities.


Strengthsfinder Arranger Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Arranger theme possible, you should…

1. Work in a complex, dynamic workplace that is free from mundane routine.
2. Keep a list of suggestions on how to improve your workplace.
3. Push yourself to find new methods for getting more work accomplished.
4. Learn the goals of other people around you and discuss these goals with your peers.
5. Flex your leadership by regularly organizing events and parties.
6. Explain that your flexibility does not indicate changing priorities.
7. Give others time to understand why you are charting new paths and procedures.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Arranger Theme Worker

Give an Strengthsfinder Arranger responsibility like management or supervisory duties. Allow this person to set up teams and figure out how each person’s strengths will add value to the project. Try to keep this person’s work fast-paced and complex. Look to an Strengthsfinder Arranger for resourceful research and problem-solving situations. Understand that the Strengthsfinder Arranger has no taste for people who are dishonest or who conduct shoddy work. If you need help devising a new routine, system or process, call on an Arranger.


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