Connectedness Theme

I see the way we are all connected.

I see the way we are all connected.

Strengthsfinder Connectedness, People are born with innate tendencies, preferences, and inclinations, according to Gallup Poll. Often, life experiences also help shape the “themes” we possess. If you are feeling unhappy with your direction in life, it could be that you’re not making the best use of your theme. The StrengthsFinder program helps you tap into your best abilities and steer clear of unpleasant tasks, while helping managers better understand how to oversee multiple themes in the workplace. The end result is better fulfillment, better productivity, and better cohabitation.

Do You Have Connectedness Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Connectedness theme if…

• You adamantly believe “everything happens for a reason.”
• You have a deep-seated belief that all souls are connected in some way.
• You believe in free will and taking responsibility for action, but sense a larger spirit.
• You are inspired by the belief we are not alone in the world.
• You understand the responsibility to the earth and future generations of humankind.
• You believe in karma and do not look to harm or exploit others.
• You are a considerate, caring, sensitive, and accepting “bridge builder.”
• You and your closest friends are fascinated by life’s biggest mysteries.

On the positive side, you are spiritual, you do not sweat the small stuff, you have a strong faith, and you’re always looking at the big picture, while helping others derive purpose in life. On the down side, you can be passive, naïve, too wishy-washy, and overly idealistic.



Strengthsfinder Connectedness Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Connectedness theme possible, you should…

1. Seek roles where you can be a Counselor or Therapist, helping others through everyday life.
2. Set time aside to meditate or contemplate your sense of connectedness to others.
3. Examine the importance of coincidences and strong sensations that add meaning to your life.
4. Explore ways to facilitate connectedness like starting a new club or joining an organization.
5. Comfort those in need, helping them see the larger picture of sickness and death.
6. Don’t try to persuade the logical-minded thinker to accept your strong intuition and faith.
7. Partner with strong Communication theme individuals to find words to describe your feelings.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Connectedness Theme Worker

When managing a Strengthsfinder Connectedness theme, accept social issues this person feels strongly about and try to understand his or her spiritual faith. Encourage these individuals to build teams and develop mission statements. Share articles, writings and experience with this person to find better focus.

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