The joy of living life in a Positive way!

The joy of living life in a Positive way!

Positivity Talent Theme

Positivity Talent theme, As one of the 34 Strengths themes listed in Gallup’s award winning Strengthsfinder books Positivity talent theme has its own unique qualities and attributes. A simple definition might sound like this “A Positivity person sees life through a glass is half full lens.”

Although Strengthsfinder Positivity is much more complex than that as we will discover, that will be a good starting point for us. In its basic element people with Positivity usually see life in a positive way. So what other elements will a Positivity person bring into their lives?

People with Positivity love to bring drama or excitement where ever they are. They will add spice to even the most mundane of tasks by interjecting comments or stories that make the task more enjoyable. They love to make people smile and laugh and generally make life around them more enjoyable. People with Positivity enjoy praising others with complete freedom. This is made possible because of the normally overflowing positive energy they have which they can freely give away. Since the praise or compliments won’t use up much of their emotional energy they are very genuine in giving their praise to others. Very seldom will a person with Positivity give praise with an ulterior motive so enjoy their compliments as being well earned.

What is it and How to develop Positivity Talent theme

People with Positivity bring out the best in teams. Since Strengthsfinder Positivity people are able to praise people freely they usually bring out the best in teams. Always looking for ways to encourage people they are quite capable of filling in the missing gaps by encouraging others to come alongside their team mates. Receiving praise can become infectious and wanting to do their best for a Positivity talent theme person can easily drive a team to excellence. Although this may seem obvious it is often overlooked by a Positivity person. A Positivity person needs daily encouragement from others. What may seem to be innocent nagging can easily become a burden for a person with Positivity. Small snide remarks over time will slowly make a Positivity person less effective and everyone will suffer because of that.

Lack of positive movement can also harm a person with Strengthsfinder Positivity. Group meetings that ramble on with no sense of progress will wear a Positivity person out. Remember they look for drama and when that is missing they can easily feel left out or not wanted. If this goes on for too long don’t be surprised if they leave the room. On the other hand if you want to move the discussion along invite the Positivity person to share their insights and then act upon them.

Okay! The world needs more like me.

Okay! The world needs more like me.

People with positivity talent theme get stuck every now and then. This can be caused by circumstances that drag on over time or their inability to make a decision about something. The best way to encourage a Positivity person at this point might be to come along side them and help them make a decision. However, the number one way to help them is to create movement. Movement is something a Positivity person needs in order to function. Whether that movement is negative or positive really doesn’t matter as they are quite capable of dealing with either one. However no movement can really stop a Positivity talent theme person.

As you can see there is much to learn about Positivity. Other factors that impact the way Positivity is revealed are other Strengths and DISC type. A person with Self-Assurance and Positivity will sound extremely confident and life will seldom get them down. Another Strength that would play well with Positivity would be Developer or Maximizer. This combination would lend itself to having a fun teacher that brings out the best in you.

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Now as you add in the different DISC types you would see Positivity portrayed with many different flavors. A Red Direct type could make getting directions from them interesting and easier to handle knowing they have your best in mind. Yellow Inspiring would make life especially fun as they would tend to exaggerate and really add drama to everything around them. Blue Steady Supportive would really shine in caring for family and others. You know they would just love on you and help in any way they could. Green Cautious Correct would make sharing more information with them a joy since you know they also have their best interests at heart for you as well. Getting things done right the first time is what they live for.

Today we learned a little about Positivity talent theme and how it looks and works through everyday life. Look for my next personality training featuring what a Strengthsfinder Maximizer is and looks like. Have you found this interesting please share this article and leave a comment for others to see. Positivity people are wonderful to be around bringing drama and enthusiasm in every setting they find themselves in.

Have you had your Positivity Talent theme thrill today?