Significance Theme

I need to be known and heard.

I need to be known and heard.

Strengthsfinder Significance, The StrengthsFinder themes are designed to illuminate basic truths about your inner strengths and inclinations to help you be the best person you can be. Understanding your themes helps you feel more satisfied and become more productive, while understanding the themes of others makes you more helpful, empathetic, and inspirational.

Do You Have Significance Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Significance theme if…

  • You crave recognition from others.
  • You want to stand out from the crowd and be known by as many people as possible.
  • You want your words to be heard and your inner strengths to be appreciated.
  • You feel a need to be admired as a credible and successful professional.
  • You like others to surround yourself with others who are similarly motivated
  • You have an independent, pioneering spirit and you like to do things your own way.
  • Your life is filled with goals, achievements and qualifications that you desire.
  • You have intense yearnings and upward focus that keeps you reaching for the exceptional.

At your best, you are an outstanding performer who can work independently and achieve important results. On your dark days, you may feel needy, recognition-starved and self-absorbed.

Strengthsfinder Significance Talent Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Significance theme possible, you should…

1. Choose positions and careers where you independently determine your own tasks and actions.

2. Look for opportunities to speak in public, write articles based on your expertise, and improve visibility.

3. Inspire yourself by remembering your best moment in the spotlight and by keeping a list of desires.

4. Share your dreams and goals with family, friends and close colleagues whose expectations will motivate.

5. Stay focused on performance and measurable results to avoid being perceived as “all talk and no action.”

6. Write down your strengths and maintain strong confidence to rebound during times of minimal feedback.

7. Understand your fear of failure and use it to ensure that your performance matches your rhetoric.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Significance Theme Worker

Avoid micromanaging the Strengthsfinder Significance theme worker, but be sure to keep compliments flowing freely. Give this person an opportunity to stand out or excel as a top achiever. Suggest benchmarks for success to help this person envision strengths and develop real tangible claims to excellence. Put this person in groups with the most creative, productive and professional members of your organization, who will serve to inspire the Significance theme worker. When this person seems low in esteem or energy, remind him or her of strengths and encourage this worker to set new goals.


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