Developer Theme

One step at a time leads to victory.

One step at a time leads to victory.

The Gallup Poll StrengthsFinder project has identified certain core themes that people have. These themes affect how people view the world and others around them. They also greatly impact our goals, work choices, and how we function completing certain tasks. Understanding these themes is the key to drive, success, understanding, and fulfillment.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Developer Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Developer theme if…

• Your dynamic view of others focuses on their potential and possibilities.
• You are drawn to people who have not fully realized their potential yet.
• You feel a strong compulsion to help others challenge themselves and experience success.
• You feel that interesting experiences help us grow, learn, change and improve.
• You thrive on watching people grow and evolve over the years.

At your best, you are a teacher, coach and mentor. You help others succeed, you grow talent, and you take great joy in helping people. At your worst, you waste time on people who don’t really possess great potential, you more are a spectator of life than an active participator, and you have very little to contribute yourself.


Strengthsfinder Developer Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Developer possible, you should…

1. Find roles like Coach, Teacher, Public Speaker, or Mentor where you can facilitate growth.
2. Make a list of people you have inspired and motivated to remind yourself that you are an influential person.
3. Provide detailed observations on the factors that help associates and organizations grow and change.
4. Schedule time with people who you would like to develop and influence.
5. Create a plan to develop your own strengths based on advice from mentors and your own introspection.
6. Partner with Individualization theme people to find your greatest strengths.
7. Avoid people who are constantly struggling, as your encouragement will fall on deaf ears.

Managing A Strengthsfinder Developer

Put a Strengthsfinder Developer in a mentor or training position. Let this person oversee and award recognition to colleagues. Many Developers make great supervisors, team leads, or managers. Remind the Developer how his or her efforts help people succeed and excel at their jobs. Take special care to distract the Strengthsfinder Developer away from perpetual strugglers who will only depress and frustrate.



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