Learning to play well together. Imagination!

Learning to play well together. Imagination!

Imagination is seeing the possible in your Mind.


Freedom is giving yourself opportunity to Imagine. Of course you may say I imagine things all day long and I would agree with that. But, what I am suggesting is becoming more intentional about Imagining. Here are different places or ways to engage your Imagination.

  • Taking a walk along a sandy beach on a sunny day
  • A hike in the mountains crossing streams and smelling the outdoors
  • Sitting in a neighborhood park watching people playing and laughing
  • Reading a good book conspiring with the different characters
  • Meeting with a group of friends sharing ideas of what might be
  • Sitting and observing people. Why are they there? Really! Those Red shoes…
  • Sit down and write yourself a letter about imagination
  • While cooking imagine how the food is grown, how a chef might prepare the food
  • Slow down for a day and Imagine what you want your life to look like

Imagination can be a way of taking your Dreams and making them a reality. How long has it been since you acted out your Imagination in a positive way?