Achiever Theme

My Daily "To Do" list may seem Daunting to others, But is "Normal" for me.

My Daily “To Do” list may seem Daunting to others, But is “Normal” for me.

It is common for people with the Achiever theme to feel the need to start each day new and the accomplishments from yesterday no longer matter. Hard working and industrious Achiever’s can be known for getting huge amounts of work done.


Do You Have Strengthsfinder Achiever Talent?

Unlike Strengthsfinder Activator, you might have the Strengthsfinder Achiever talent if you feel you have to start over each day in order to feel that your world is as it should be.

  • An Achiever has a constant drive for achievement, which is the only thing that makes you feel satisfied.
  • You feel every day is a blank slate that you must fill with tangible accomplishments.
  • You may be an Achiever if you work tirelessly even on weekends and sometimes through vacations.
  • Your relentless drive for achievement is not always logical, but never goes away.
  • You have learned to live with the whisper of discontent, which brings you energy and drive.
  • You love starting new tasks, working on challenges, and setting new standards of productivity.
  • An Achievers greatest strengths are: strong work ethic, hunger, and the ability to lead by example.

Strengthsfinder Achiever Actions

Strengthsfinder Achiever actions are best fulfilled when you can are freedom to work at your pace.

  1. Choose roles where you can work as long or hard as you want, where you measure your productivity.
  2. Work independently, without supervision, and use your self-motivation to set meaningful goals.
  3. Accept that you work more hours than most other people and function off less sleep.
  4. Surround yourself with other industrious workers and share your goals to allow others to help you.
  5. Learn to live with your discontent, but also strive to appreciate and celebrate success when you can.
  6. Consider personal achievements in family & friendships toward your “score” for the day for balance.
  7. Partner with Discipline or Focus themes to learn to use your energy more efficiently.

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Learn to Manage the Strengthsfinder Achiever – You will be glad you did!

Call on the Strengthsfinder Achiever when there is extra work to get done. Understand this individual’s need to stay busy: meetings, phone calls, and seminars can be torture for the Achiever. Only insist upon his or her presence when it is essential; otherwise, let the Achiever get on with work. Help Strengthsfinder Achiever and others measure progress by tracking hours, tasks, how many customers have been served, how many files have been reviewed, and other statistics. Establish a relationship with the Achiever by showing that you are an industrious worker too. Keep low producers away from this person. Reward an Achiever with recognition and new goals. Rather than rushing to promote an Achiever let these individuals do more of what they do best. Take the Strengthsfinder 2.0 test to discover what your strengths are.

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