Restorative Theme

I know how to repair brokenness.

I know how to repair brokenness.

Strengthsfinder Restorative, Find greater fulfillment and productivity when you take Gallup Poll’s StrengthsFinder test. Understand family, friends, coworkers, and subordinates with a clearer perspective. Bring out the best in others!


Do You Have Restorative Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Restorative theme if…

  • You love problem-solving problems, which energize you.
  • Tackling challenges head-on and finding solutions gives you the utmost satisfaction.
  • You enjoy pondering practical, conceptual, and/or personal problems.
  • You may seek out problems that you know you can fix to lend your expertise.
  • You like to “save” situations, relationships, people and things.
  • You know that your particular expertise keeps the company running.


At your best, you are a troubleshooter, a problem solver, and a solution-finder. On the downside, you can be negative, critical, punitive, or overly focused on weaknesses.

Strengthsfinder Restorative Talent Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Restorative theme possible, you should…

1. Seek roles where you are paid to solve problems: medical, computer programming or customer service.

2. Identify and keep track of factors that lead to recurring problems, which will help you work much faster.

3. Do not be afraid to let your mates know you thrive on fixing problems and are available to help any time.

4. Look for ways to improve your knowledge base and skills by taking courses and seminars or reading books.

5. Make a list of ways to you could volunteer your time or fund raise to help the disadvantaged.

6. Take a break as needed and avoid being overly critical of yourself.

7. Allow other people the time and space to solve their own problems when it can be a learning opportunity.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Restorative Talent Theme Worker

The Strengthsfinder Restorative worker has great insights and problem solving abilities, so be sure to ask for this individual’s help whenever your organization needs immediate improvement. Celebrate solutions and achievements when this person dismantles an obstacle and moves the company forward. Offer support and guidance if a Restorative theme encounters a particularly thorny problem, which may prove frustrating. Help this person set performance goals for the next six months, as this type of improvement-focused attention will be much appreciated.


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