Myers Briggs on Steroids

Like a Myers Briggs on Steroids!

Like a Myers Briggs on Steroids!

10 Ways to improve your self worth!

#10 It shows there is no such as good or bad personality type but rather how you apply your personality type will determine that.

#9 No more Judging or Perceiving. Now it is all about Organizing and Adapting.

#8 The Golden Personality Profiler can reveal potential extremes in your personality. The length of the bars on the graphs reveal how extreme the potential may be.

#7 The Golden Personality Profiler helps you realize other people are different than you are.

#6 The Golden Personality Profiler gives you talking points in order to go further in your relationship with others.

#5 The Golden Personality Profiler can drastically shorten the time frame in getting to know someone. No more guessing why you are different.

#4 The 4 sub-scales in each category further explain your type and differences which can bring understanding to the vast blends of a your personality.

#3 The Golden Personality Profiler explains why you do certain things consistently.

#2 The Golden Personality Profiler gives you language to share with others.

#1 No more Guilt! The Golden Personality Profiler gives you the freedom to be the person you are and should be.


The Golden Personality Profiler reveals those things and more.

You will discover that looking at your results today explains much of whom you are but over time you will come back and rediscover something new and fresh. Perhaps circumstances have changed but now you are ready for the information that was there all along but you weren’t ready for it yet. It happens all the time.

Thinking vs Feeling

Thinking vs Feeling

One of the exciting things about the Golden Personality Profiler is the vast amounts of detail and information available to you.

Maybe you are a loud Introvert and yes the Golden will reveal that. Your results may show you as an Empathetic Thinker or maybe a highly compassionate Thinker. Is that even possible? Not only is it possible but not that uncommon.

The great thing is the Golden Personality Profiler can reveal that and once you understand what that the results mean it will be very valuable in helping build teams and creating great work environments. Also think about how this might work in a marriage or other relationship. No more guessing why the other person acts the way they do. Now you will have language to cross those invisible barriers. Can you see the great potential here?

How many years have you tried to understand a person but nothing seems to fit because of the interesting quirks we all have in the way we are blended personality wise. No more excuses for not knowing how the other person feels or why they are the way they are. The Golden Personality Profiler fills in those missing gaps. Wow! That is exciting stuff.

My wife is a Feeler but make decisions like a Thinker. That is extremely valuable information to know. I can show you on her Golden exactly where that information shows up. Now I know one more thing that will help grow our relationship. Can you see where this might be helpful in the relationships you have with others?

Details vs Intuition

Details vs Intuition

How about those Intuitive types? You know those Big picture people that can wear out the detail oriented people with all their grandiose ideas. Well guess what? You can be a detail oriented Intuitive person as well. I am so envious of them at times because that is not me. I have so little detail orientation that more than 4 details can begin to wear me out. Share 6 details with me and I know longer want to be your friend.

Of course it works the other way around for detail oriented Sensing people. I wear them out consistently by letting my Extroverted Intuitive run wild. That is not healthy for them. Guess what, I am just processing out loud ideas that are rattling around inside my head. Most of those ideas mean little to me but to the Sensing person they begin to add details to my ideas. Now after two or four Big ideas they begin to get frustrated and want me to just make a decision so they can begin to add the details to the right idea.

Do you see why knowing how Intuitive or detail oriented Sensing you are can be valuable? There is tremendous value there when building teams and creating groups to accomplish tasks. Imagine a bunch of Intuitive people getting together sharing ideas. Who is going to add the details to the best idea? No one! You absolutely need the Sensing people on your team in order to accomplish the task with excellence.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using the Golden Personality Profiler at work or in relationships with others. Just knowing language that helps describe the many facets of who you are is extremely valuable to yourself.

Make sure you subscribe to our site so you can get further updates and learn more about the Golden Personality Profiler. You might want to read about the DISC Portrait Predictor or Strengthsfinder. Knowing the results to all three personality instruments will give you a much greater idea of how unique you are. When all three are combined they will give you a much more complete picture of who you are and why.

What is your personality type? Do you have a clue if you are a loud or quiet Extrovert? Did you even think that was possible?

To see what a complete Golden Personality Profiler looks like you click on this link Bills Golden Result . I took that Golden in February 2006. Unfortunately the Golden is a paid assessment so I can not provide a link to a free test but if you are interested I can provide you with how to take it. The cost is $75.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and please share this with a friend. I would love to read your comments and please ask questions about the Golden Personality Profiler.