Individualization Theme

You just have to be yourself.

You just have to be yourself.

Do you enjoy the uniqueness in people as much as I do? I feel rather special when celebrating the hope and joy that makes you, you! However, I can really struggle when someone tries to put people in a box and makes it “One Size fit’s all.” That is really irritating. Oh, while you are here, please enjoy learning more about my Individualization talent below.


Do You Have Individualization Talent?

You might be an Strengthsfinder Individualization theme if…

• You love the uniqueness of each person and differences that individuals bring to the table.
• You dislike generalizations and stereotypes that seek to classify people into categories.
• You like looking at how each person thinks, builds relationships, and finds motivation.
• You are very thoughtful at picking out gifts for others.
• You understand that some people appreciate public praise, while others do not.
• You are a keen observer and can see the strengths in people.
• You work productively in teams.

At your best, you are intuitive and unique yourself. You see that “one size does not fit all” and you appreciate how different people are. On the other hand, you may have difficulty placing group interests ahead of individual interests and you have trouble making people-related decisions.

Strengthsfinder Individualization Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Individualization theme possible, you should…

1. Seek the role of Counselor, Supervisor, Teacher, Human Interest Writer, or Salesperson.
2. Become an expert in your own field and try to understand what factors enable you to work at your best.
3. Look at how your friends and colleagues work to the best of their abilities too.
4. Help friends become keenly aware of their unique needs and strengths.
5. Study successful people and what makes them unique.
6. Consider writing a novel to make the most of your rare gift.
7. Explain other people’s motivations and why it’s more effective to treat people differently.

Managing Strengthsfinder Individualization Theme Workers

Strengthsfinder Individualization theme workers are excellent judges, so put them on selection committees, allow them to design pay-for-performance programs, ask for their two cents on your employees’ perspective, seek advice on performance-related problems, and set this individual to work training or mentoring new employees. Strong Developer and Arranger theme Individualization workers make excellent supervisors or managers. Command and Woo theme Strengthsfinder Individualization workers can turn prospects into customers very effectively.


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