Intellection Theme

Taking time to stop and think is only way to grow.

Taking time to stop and think is only way to grow.

Strengthsfinder Intellection, Gallup Poll research has accumulated the core strengths that people possess – whether it’s the ability to retain knowledge or to communicate like a born leader. Understanding people’s unique strengths can not only help managers govern their employees better, but can also help individuals seek out more fulfilling, enjoyable lives as well.


Do You Have Strengthsfinder Intellection Talent?

You might be an Strengthsfinder Intellection theme if…

  • You love thinking and mental activity in general.
  • You are always problem-solving, developing your ideas, or understanding others’ feelings.
  • You enjoy your solitude and alone time where you can muse and reflect undisturbed.
  • You challenge yourself by posing questions and testing out answers in your own mind.
  • You are very pragmatic by nature as you plan your days.
  • You often rehearse conversations in your head that you intend to have later.
  • There is a constant mental hum in every moment of your life – and that’s how you like it.

At your best, you are an excellent thinker, you enjoy musing, you are capable of deep philosophical meanderings, and you work well on your own. On the downside, you can be a loner who may not work well with others or you may waste too much time thinking.

Strengthsfinder Intellection Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Intellection theme possible, you should…

  1. Look for roles where you can continue your studies in philosophy, literature or psychology.
  2. Schedule time set aside for thinking, musing and reflecting to keep yourself energized.
  3. List your ideas on a piece of paper or a diary, which will be grist for your mental mill.
  4. Write often to cement your thoughts and make them more tangible.
  5. Find people who like to discuss the same issues as you and organize discussion groups.
  6. Build relationships with other “big thinkers” but also be prepared to explain your need for isolation.
  7. Give others time to think about your new ideas, which they may not understand as well as you.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Intellection Theme Worker

When managing the Strengthsfinder Intellection worker, understand that this person values explanations behind your decisions. Don’t be afraid to challenge Intellection theme workers’ ideas; they will see your contrary views as mental stimulation and a chance to share their rationale. Clarity and self-confidence are natural byproducts of a debate. Share books, articles and proposals with these workers and ask for their assessments or reports. Discuss this worker’s strengths with him or her to fuel introspection and self-discovery. Give these workers a chance to communicate their way of thinking with others in the department. Pair these people with strong Activators to get things done.

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