Competition Theme

Winning is everything!

Winning is everything!

According to Gallup Poll researchers, there are four main branches of personality cores – Connect, Reflect, Mobilize, and Energize. From each branch stems multiple subsequent themes that show our natural inclinations and abilities. Understanding these themes is the key to excellent management, motivation and productivity. It is also a source of fulfillment in work and interpersonal relationships.

Do You Have Competition Talent?

You might be a Strengthsfinder Competition theme if…

• You judge people by their performance and can’t help but compare them to yourself.
• You feel achievement when you’ve outperformed your peers.
• You need others to compare yourself against.
• You love the feeling of winning and enjoy contests.
• You are invigorated by other competitors.
• You will avoid contests where winning seems unlikely.

Your best attributes are that you are driven, motivated, measurement-oriented, and a real winner. Your worst features are that you can be self-centered, a sore loser, confrontational, not a team player, and you sometimes put down others.


Strengthsfinder Competition Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Competition theme possible, you should…

  1. Choose environments where you can measure your own achievements.
  2. Monitor your own performance scores each day to find joy in competing against yourself.
  3. Take time to celebrate wins and look at what factors helped you win.
  4. Seek competitive friends who will inspire your productivity.
  5. View ordinary tasks as competitive games to get more done.
  6. Look for mental strategies that can help you rebound from a loss and face the next challenge.
  7. Explain why you find satisfaction in winning against strong competitors.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Competition Theme Worker

When managing a Strengthsfinder Competition theme, use competitive language, talking about “win-lose situations” and “outsmarting” others when problem solving. Measure this worker against other competitive people and set up contests to keep these fierce workers challenged. Put them in situations where they are likely to win. Discuss “talents” and promotions. Give the Strengthsfinder Competition theme worker a little time to mourn a loss, but quickly have another challenge in the queue.


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