Analytical Theme

I love data to solve problems!

I love data to solve problems!

Strengthsfinder Analytical, The idea behind Gallup’s “StrengthsFinder” software and book series is simple: if you harness your natural skills and abilities at work, you will feel more fulfilled. Furthermore, if your managers understand and recognize what makes you special, they will be able to customize their approach to inspire you to maximize your full potential and productivity.

Do You Have Strengthsfinder Analytical Talent?

You might have a Strengthsfinder Analytical theme if…

• You challenge others to prove the validity of their claims.
• You view yourself as objective and data-oriented.
• You use data to search for patterns, connections, and conclusions.
• You love to peel back the layers of data and questioning to derive the root cause of a situation.
• You are viewed as logical, rigorous and refined.
• You use tact when sharing your analysis with others.
• Your greatest strengths are that you are: smart, thorough, comfortable with numbers, and logical.
• Your greatest weaknesses are that you can be: tough, never satisfied, and too full of questions.


Strengthsfinder Analytical Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Analytical you can, you should…

1. Choose positions like: market research, finance, medical analysis, editing, or risk management.
2. Find credible sources that you can rely upon for your research, be it a book, website, or publication.
3. Develop your analytical skills by expanding your network of analysts that you can trust.
4. Take academic courses to expand your analysis and study people you admire.
5. Help others who struggle to organize their data or structure their ideas more logically.
6. Partner with Activator themes to move you from analysis into action a little more quickly.
7. Listen to Strategic, Belief, or Empathy themes for intuition and insight that can prove valuable.

Managing the Strengthsfinder Analytical Worker

Spend a little time assessing a situation with the Strengthsfinder Analytical worker and be sure to provide all the factors that affect your decision. Show supporting data like charts, numbers and patterns. The Analytical worker requires a deep level of detail in order to commit to a decision. Recognize and praise the Analytic’s rational mind whenever possible. Give this worker the opportunity to explain patterns and details he or she sees. Keep in mind that accuracy is more important to this person than deadlines, so you may need to check in with the individual to see if there is enough time to complete the work on time.



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