Communication Theme

Communication is My Life!

Communication is My Life!

You love to entertain with amazing stories and inspire others to take action. Communication is a gift that “Needs” and “Wants” to be developed into Excellence.
It is much more than what a person might think of at first glance, which is the ability to speak volumes of words quickly. Consider art, movies, books, short stories, body language, tone, words, fragrance, smell, advertising, graphics, pictures and so much more as communication. What is your favorite way to communicate? Read on for more!

Do You Have Communication Talent?

You might have the Strengthsfinder Communication talent theme if any of the following ideas or thoughts drive you to want to communicate with people.

• You love explaining, describing, entertaining, and public speaking.
• You love writing and bringing static events to life through your stories.
• You like using examples and metaphors when you speak to infuse dry ideas with energy.
• You feel most people have a short attention span and trouble absorbing information.
• You want your enduring stories, lessons, discoveries, and ideas to survive.
• You thrive off attention and interest from others.
• You are always hunting for “the perfect phrase.”
• You provide the words and pictures that inform and inspire people to act.
• Your greatest strength is that you are easy to talk to.
• Your greatest weakness is that you sometimes come off as self-absorbed.


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Strengthsfinder Communication

To develop the best Strengthsfinder Communication strength you can,

1. Seek roles where you are paid to captivate: sales, teaching, training, marketing, ministry, or media.
2. Collect stories, magazine articles, words or phrases that move you.
3. Read stories or sayings aloud to refine your storytelling technique.
4. Listen and observe your audience while you’re telling stories to gauge engagement.
5. Reword and refine parts of your stories or presentations where you see waning interest.
6. Rehearse your work presentations, keeping improvisation to a minimum at first.
7. Volunteer for presentation opportunities so you’re known as ambitious and articulate.

Managing the Strengthsfinder Communication Talent

Ask your Strengthsfinder Communication talent to come to social gatherings to entertain prospects or customers. Give your Strengthsfinder Communication person opportunities to relay stories to colleagues and reinforce your corporate culture. Take time to listen to the experiences of your Communication person, which will not only entertain you, but strengthen your relationship as well. Discuss social events with the Communication person, who will always have an idea or two about how to entertain people or get key messages across to your constituents. Put this Communication person in charge of making more engaging presentations. Send the Strengthsfinder Communication talented person to public speaking training seminars. Consider making a Strengthsfinder Communication a top-level trainer.


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