Ideation Theme

My mind never sleeps.

My mind never sleeps.

Strengthsfinder Ideation, The StrengthsFinder software and book series takes a look at what makes individuals alike or different. There are certain core inclinations and predilections that distinguish people. Understanding these differences can help us be better managers, coworkers, friends, lovers, parents and workers.


Do You Have Strengthsfinder Ideation Talent?

You might be an Strengthsfinder Ideation theme if…

  • Ideas fascinate you.
  • The bizarre intrigues you.
  • You are always looking for connections.
  • You are drawn to concepts that help explain events in life.
  • Learning more about the world through new enlightenments excites you.
  • You are often labeled creative, original, conceptual and smart.


At your best, you improve upon existing ideas, you innovate, and you learn quickly with your agile mind. On the downside, you can sometimes lack follow-through and create more ideas than you can reasonably work out.

Strengthsfinder Ideation Talent Theme Actions

To be the best Strengthsfinder Ideation theme possible, you should…

1. Find a role like marketing, journalism, design or product development where you’ll get credit for ideas.

2. You bore quickly, so continually make small changes in your life to keep you stimulated.

3. Look for ways to brainstorm and keep an abundance of ideas flowing to be more productive.

4. Schedule time for reading so you can use the ideas and experiences of others as a springboard for thought.

5. Discuss your ideas with others to help you refine your own ideas.

6. Finish your thoughts and ideas before sharing them with others to be a stronger communicator.

7. Partner with strong Activators to put your ideas into practice and strong Analytical to strengthen ideas.

Managing The Strengthsfinder Ideation Talent Theme Worker

Put an Strengthsfinder Ideation talent theme in a place where his or her ideas will be valued and put into action – whether it’s design and product development, sales / marketing strategies, or customer solutions. Share new ideas for the direction of the company with this worker to energize him or her. Encourage this individual to share ideas and insights with your customers to improve loyalty. Show this worker the underlying theory or concept behind decisions.

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